How to Travel Sustainably in Canada

The world is a big, beautiful place, and those who are lucky enough to travel it know that there’s something incredible to see around every corner.

From sprawling mountain ranges to lush rainforests and barren deserts, you could travel every day for the rest of your life and still not manage to find everything it has to offer!

Canada is a country that’s home to so much biodiversity that each and every trip is an incredible natural adventure, which means sustainable tourism is a large part of the tourism industry here.

More than just a travel style or selling point, sustainable tourism works hard to ensure that the natural landscapes of a country live on for generations to come – and in a country as beautiful as Canada, trust us, you’ll want to help preserve it!

Travelling sustainably means something different for everyone, but if you’re looking to travel to Canada soon and wondering about where to go, what to see, and how to do it all sustainably, look no further: we have your guide to sustainable tourism in Canada right here.

What is sustainable tourism?

Sustainable tourism is a quickly-growing trend amongst travellers to experience a country or destination in the most responsible and sustainable way possible.

This generally means carefully considering aspects of your trip, such as transportation, accommodation, and excursions, to ensure that you leave your destination a little better than you found it.

While people generally consider sustainable tourism to be about environmentally-friendly travel, and while that’s often a large part of it, sustainable tourism also encourages travellers to find ways to improve the lives of locals, such as by shopping and dining locally.

How to travel sustainably in Canada

In 2018, determined that 84% of Canadians consider eco-friendliness when planning future vacations – that means that, if you’re visiting the country, it’s important to take certain measures to extend the locals that same courtesy!

While certain aspects of travel, such as plane rides for those coming from further afield, can’t always be helped, there are always things travellers can do to make their visit to Canada sustainable and eco-friendly.

  • Travel off the beaten path! Avoid spending too much time in destinations that are crowded and common tourist destinations.
  • If possible, travel more slowly. Instead of bouncing from place to place, spend a more significant time in one destination and really get to know it.
  • Shop, eat, and travel like a local – talk to people and find out how the locals spend their time, and then check out those spots yourself.
  • Always pack reusable products for your travels! From water bottles to take-out containers, most Canadian businesses will be more than happy to help.

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