The best places to visit in Ireland


Ireland’s capital city and centre of nightlife, Dublin is a must-see for any traveller visiting Ireland for the first time. The city sits on the east coast, which means travellers can spend their days exploring cobbled streets filled with music, art, and culture, or head to the seaside and feel transported to another era.

If you’re a nature lover, make sure to check off St. Stephen’s Green and Phoenix Park during your visit! These beautifully-maintained open spaces feel like a breath of fresh air, and worlds away from the city’s busy downtown.


The second-largest city in the Republic of Ireland, Cork is a hugely popular destination for travellers just starting out their journey here. Not only is Cork a starting point of the Wild Atlantic Way, one of Ireland’s most beautiful road trips, its city centre is a vibrant, colorful area full of great shopping, dining, and, of course, plenty of pubs and nightclubs to go around!

A short distance from Cork you’ll find Blarney and the famous Blarney Castle – here is where travellers come from all over the world to kiss the Blarney Stone. It’s said that kissing the stone gives travellers “the gift of the gab.”


Not just famous because of the Ed Sheeran song, Galway is a gorgeous harbour city on Ireland’s west coast that will take travellers on a journey through time. Visit Eyre Square, an 18th-century meeting spot surrounded by shops and the quintessential Irish pub, where you’ll often hear locals and visitors alike performing traditional music (those “trad tunes” Ed was talking about!)

Visit Galway’s Latin Quarter for an extra dose of history – not only is this area filled with cosy cafes, art galleries, and local boutiques, visitors will also be treated to a glimpse of the city’s original medieval walls.

The Cliffs of Moher

Located in County Clare, the cliffs of Moher are an iconic part of Ireland, and no first-time adventure here would be complete without a visit.

Not only are these stunning sea cliffs, which run for 14 glorious kilometres across Ireland’s southwestern coast, absolutely beautiful, they’re famous for other reasons, too. The Cliffs of Moher have been used as filming locations for several iconic movies.

Whether you visit for the stunning nature or to compare the scenery to your favourite movie stills, visiting the Cliffs of Moher is an absolute must!

Ireland can be so many different things to different people – it’s all about what you’d like to see, who you’d like to meet, and what you’d like to experience. There’s a reason so many travellers flock to Ireland each year – something about visiting here is like visiting nowhere else in the world, and, for many people, their first trip to Ireland won’t be their last!

In case you’re searching for a particular agenda on your first excursion to Ireland, or on the off chance that you aren’t sure where you’d generally prefer to go and you’re searching for a touch of direction, consider booking a gathering visit – not exclusively will you have the information and experience of your manual for show you the way, you’ll likewise save money on convenience, nourishment, and attractions.

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